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The British Palomino Society - Press Release

dawn coldicutt

From 2018 the following will apply

  • All shades of palomino will be welcomed into the BPS and into BPS Affiliated classes.                 
  •  In-Hand classes will be judged on conformation, movement and correctness to type.                   
  • In every BPS affiliated In-hand class (at shows run by other organisations) three rosettes will be awarded based solely on colour quality. The colour awards will be judged against the BPS colour criteria. Therefor maintaining & respecting the history of the BPS. Winners of these awards will qualify for a separate colour championship at the BPS National Championships.         
  • There will be a specific Colour Championship held at the Nationals Championships for the horses/ponies who win the colour awards at the Nationals itself. Held at Three Counties Showground on 7th & 8th July 2018.                                                                                                  
  • At BPS Regional shows winners of the Colour awards will go forward to a colour championship at said show. The Champion & Reserve from this will qualify for the final at the Nationals.             
  •  Plaiting will now be permitted in BPS affiliated In-hand palomino classes – this is optional. Hogging will also be permitted if it is suitable turnout for the type of horse (hogged horses will not be eligible for the colour awards)                                                                                                
  •  Ridden classes will continue to be judged on suitability as a riding horse/pony

The BPS has taken this decision after consultation with it’s membership on what the Palomino owner/exhibitor of today is looking for. We hope it will open the society up to Palomino owners who may have not seen the relevance of joining the BPS previously.