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Showing Rules

1.  Exhibitors in the registered palomino classes must be BPS members or have applied for BPS membership with class entry. 

2.  Exhibits in the registered palomino classes must be BPS registered or have applied for BPS registration with class entry. 

3.  Registered exhibits must be exhibited by the BPS registered owner or recorded lessee. Written notice of any such lease must have been lodged with the BPS by the lessor prior to or with the class entry.

4.  Correctly secured current British Standard skull caps/riding hats must be worn at all times when mounted on the showground. Handlers aged 12 years or under must wear correctly secured current British Standard skull caps/riding hats when showing in In-hand classes.

5.  Age of all exhibits will date from January 1st of the year of birth.

6.  Exhibitors who are likely to have horses or ponies in more than one ring at the same time should provide additional riders and or handlers.

7.  Classes and championships subject to height restrictions - It is the exhibitors responsibility to ensure that youngstock are entered in the correct class. Animals may be required to be measured before the start of the class.

7.1 Adult height not to exceed 14.2hh - yearlings should measure no more than 13.3hh; 2-year-olds no more than 14.0hh; 3-year-olds no more than 14.1hh.

7.2 Adult height not to exceed 13.2hh - yearlings should measure no more than 12.3hh; 2-year-olds no more than 13.0hh; 3-year-olds no more than 13.1hh.

7.3 Adult height not to exceed 12.2hh - yearlings should measure no more than 11.3hh; 2-year-olds no more than 12.0hh; 3-year-olds no more than 12.1hh. .

  8.    No mare under 4 years old with foal at foot will be eligible for any class. 

  9.    No foal under one month old to be brought to the showground. Foals must be led at all times. 

10.   Whips – show canes only – max 30” (76 cm) with no attachments  - this applies to in hand classes .

11.    Any exhibit deemed to be unsound will be asked to leave the ring.

12.   No make-up, false hair or any other falsification of markings will be allowed.

13.   Registered Palomino In Hand classes.  Plaiting is optional.  Hogging is allowed, but you will not be eligible for any of the colour rosettes or colour championships.

14.   Registered Palomino Ridden classes.  Plaiting is optional.  Hogging is allowed.   

15. BPS affiliated Palomino in hand classes will be judged on confirmation, movement and correctness of type, with separate awards for palomino colour - unless otherwise stated in the schedule.

16.    Any class may be cancelled, amalgamated or split if the number of entries warrant. The judge may withhold prizes if in their opinion any exhibit does not merit an award.

17.    Any competitor using a mobile phone whilst competing in a class will be disqualified

18.    The judge’s decision is final.  Judges have been asked to take behaviour and temperament into account and not to judge exhibits whose behaviour they consider to be a danger to either its handler/rider or other competitors.  Such an exhibit will be asked to leave the ring.

19.    Protests lodged by any exhibitor and must be made in writing to the secretary with a deposit of £20 within one hour of the award or matter to which exception has been taken. Objections will not be entertained from any person not exhibiting in the same class as the animal to which the objection is raised. If possible the Show committee will decide the case before the conclusion of the show; otherwise it shall be referred to the Council. The decision of either body is final. When an objection is heard both the objectee and objector shall have notice. The deposit shall be returned if the original complaint is upheld. No committee or council member shall take part in the settlement of a disputed prize for which he is a competitor.

20.    No horse/pony to be left unattended when tied outside the horsebox/trailer.

21.    ALL entire males aged 2 years and over MUST be bitted and led from the bit. Children 12-years-of age or under will not be permitted to handle entire males (excepting foals).

22.    Chifney bits are not allowed in any circumstances.  Any animal not sufficiently under control will be asked to leave the showground.

23.    If the conduct of any exhibitor is such as shall in the opinion of the committee be injurious to the character or interest of the show or shall an exhibitor cause cruelty or unnecessary suffering to or neglect of and animal then the committee may refuse their entry. The committee shall have the power to refuse entry or suspend membership of any exhibitor conducting themselves in an improper or offensive manner.

24.    DOGS – must be kept on a lead and must be under control at all times.

25.    Should any animal be found to be suffering from any contagious or infectious disease it shall be removed from the showground and stables immediately at the request of the Veterinary Surgeon

26.    The Society and Show Committee shall not be liable for any claim in respect of any damage to any person horse or property of any kind howsoever it may be caused. It is an express condition of entry that each competitor shall hold the committee harmless and that he or she shall indemnify the committee against any legal proceedings actions expenses costs claims demands or damages whatsoever arising from any accident or other incident which may occur.

27.    In accordance with recommendations outlined by the British Equestrian Federation it is brought to exhibitors notice that no animal entered in classes at the Shows affiliated to Show and Breed Societies shall receive any drug which might offer an unfair advantage. Full details available from the secretary on request.

 28.  No entry fees will be refunded unless a veterinary certificate is presented.  In the event of cancellation of the show a proportion  of entry fees may be withheld.